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Joshua Trank Ripped Off “Star Wars” Before Directing It [VIDEO]



Star Wars Joshua Trank Video

Lucasfilm and Disney announced this week that Josh Trank–director of Chronicle and what might become the new Fantastic Four film–is set to helm an upcoming Star Wars stand-alone film featuring one of the series’ characters. In fact, however, Trank has already directed a Star Wars flick. Sorta.

Back in 2007, unknown Trank directed his first Star Wars spin-off short film Stabbing at Leia’s–which is the story of a drunken college party gone wrong when a light saber fight breaks out. So can you expect a new Star Wars film filled with Luke Skywalker shotgunning “fire-water” with his Jedi frat bros? Probably not, but you have to think Lucasfilm and Disney are at least playing with the idea.

Moral of the story: rip off a blockbuster and maybe someday they’ll pay you to direct it!

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