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Emily Ratajkowski: Celebrate Tomorrow’s Birthday Girl Today [50 PICS]


Emily Ratajkowski

British born beauty Emily Ratajkowski went from relative unknown to “it girl” last summer, thanks to her jiggly appearance in the video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” As the song became the anthem of the summer, Emily became the girl on everybody’s lips, and she’s turning 23 today, which frankly makes us feel old as hell.

She’s been modeling since she was 14, and she’s now beginning to parlay that success into an acting career thanks to a super secret role in David Fincher’s upcoming film adaptation of Gone Girl. Emily will play a woman with a dark connection to Ben Affleck’s character, and we were both shocked and aroused by a handful of passages in the book that indicate that Emily may get nude once again, but this time on the big screen.

It’s easy to see why Fincher would select her for this crucial role, she’s described in the book thusly: “…pretty, freckled Andie sat a few feet in front of me, wide-set blue eyes under chocolatey waves of hair, cushiony lips parted just a bit, ridiculously large, real breasts, and long thin legs and arms– an alien f*ck-doll of a girl, it must be said…” Yup, that sounds like our Emily.

Emily’s also an incredibly savvy social media presence, pushing Instagram’s puritanical boundaries to their breaking point. Just check out this amazing gallery of this ridiculously hot woman.

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