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Candice Swanepoel Instagram Handbra Wins The Day [60 PICS]


We’re going to be collecting our usual hottest 20 pics of Instagram today–but the above pic probably deserves its own category. We’re thinking about calling it Hottest Handbra Instagram Pic From a Victoria’s Secret Model. Sadly, we wouldn’t get enough entries to make that a regular thing. Candice Swanepoel, however, had made it a regular thing to frequently post incredibly sexy pics via her Instagram account.

And, of course, Candice Swanepoel hasn’t been shy about her more professional photos, too. The pic above is an outtake from a Muse magazine shoot, and we have plenty more memorable moments from Candice below. And then we suggest checking out some of Candice’s hottest GIFs for a really good Friday….

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