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Allegra Carpenter Livens Up “The Fault In Our Stars” [24 PICS]


We’re expecting for The Fault In Our Stars to be a big weekend success story, as the YA classic burns up the box-office at the multiplexes. We’re a little less excited over the soppy film that’s really ┬ákind of like Twilight, but with OMG real dead kids. Or, you know, dying kids. [photo via…]

But the biggest problem with this tweener death-porn is that it wastes one of the fashion biz’s most haunting beauties in a throwaway film role. If your significant other is dragging you to the theater this weekend, watch closely for Allegra Carpenter in a very minor turn as a hostess. She’s still hard to miss. We can understand a guy being into Shailene Woodley, but Allegra is a pale beauty who really gets us entertaining fantasies about romance in the face of death.

Not that we’re implying that Allegra is a morbid type. She’s been enjoying a hot decade as a popular model, and easily one of Australia’s most exciting exports on the scene. It’s just that Allegra isn’t the kind of gal who hits the beach in a bikini. Check out these pics below for a somber sexuality that’s still sort of sizzling. Let’s also hope that Hollywood catches on to Allegra as a lady with real Scream Queen potential. These pics are sure catchier than anything in The Fault In Our Stars….

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