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Adirana Lima Turns Football Into Futbol For Kia [VIDEOS + PICS]


Adriana Lima Kia Futbol 19

We’re sorry to see those hip-hop hamsters out of a job, but Adriana Lima does a fine job pitching for Kia in these new ads for the Kia Sorento. The car company has a sponsorship deal with the FIFA World Cup, and they’re letting the world know by sending out the┬áVictoria’s Secret model to turn on the world to the joys of futbol over football. That includes Adriana Lima changing channels in a man cave, and grabbing the remote at a bar, and–well, we’re not sure what she’s doing to the adolescent males on that football team, but we know that they all just became Adriana Lima fans.

Check out some hot stills below, and you’ll have to forgive us it you were really eager to get a look at the Kia Sorento. We also have all of the commercials down past these photos, though, and we know that you’ll want to see Adriana in action…

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