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30 Hottest Ashley Benson GIFs


Ashley Benson GIFs

It was a big week for the Pretty Little Liars cast, as the show celebrated the taping of its 100th episode–and we’re marking that very important occasion with 30 amazingly hot Ashley Benson GIFs. Well, maybe they’re not “amazingly” hot. By now, a lot of guys have gotten used to Ashley Benson being one of television’s sexiest stars. Not many men got to see her grow up as a child actress on soap operas, but that’s okay. Ashley soon became a proper sex symbol, thanks to a 2008 episode of Supernatural where she played a witchy cheerleader.

That was pretty memorable. Ashley then moved on to more witchiness on Eastwick–where she was still being a teen actress in a very believable role as Rebecca Romijn’s daughter. That helped to set Ashley up as the scheming Queen Bee of the Pretty Little Liars crowd. Ashley was also discovered by an entire new crowd when she showed up with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in last year’s Spring Breakers. We hate to think that there are any guys who’ve missed out on Ashley on the big and small screen–but here’s a very moving introduction with 30 amazing Ashley GIFs…

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