We're Obsessed With Rhian Sugden's New Obsessive Lingerie Photos

How many different looks can hot lingerie model Rhian Sugden work in one shoot? We’re obsessed with finding out–especially after checking out lots of different takes on Rhian Sugden in her new shoot for Obsessive Lingerie.  [photo via…]
We’ve been obsessed with Rhian for a while, of course. She easily made it into our collection of this year’s Most Popular English Glamour Models on the web, and now it seems that there are plenty of Rhians out there. There have been a few Rhians in real life, too. This striking blonde started out as a tech geek before deciding to see what would happen if she became a model.
That was back in 2006, and things have worked out pretty well for Rhian ever since. She quickly became a favorite in the British lad magazines. Rhian also began working as a DJ, and even made it into the American multiplexes with her turn as a royal beauty in the 2011 Danny McBride film Your Highness. She also made the rounds of Celebrity Big Brother, and–like most British glamour models who land on the show–was voted out of the house really early in the series.
We’re thinking that the men of Britain just didn’t like the idea of Rhian getting locked away. Rhian still remains a big deal in the UK (including lots of charity work with Lucy Pinder), and these pics prove that she has what it takes to keep catching guys’ eyes in all kinds of ways…

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