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Tinder Brings In Some Snapchat Technology To Hooking Up



Rejoice, Tinder users of the world! Now you don’t have to exchange your numbers to start getting naked pics from your match. Starting soon, Tinder will be using a “snapchat-type” technology feature called “Moments,”–which will allow users to share temporary photos with each other as a way to “help users to get to now their matches better.” i.e., faster and quicker dick pics for all of the female Tinderers out there.

The big difference between Moments and actual Snapchat is that the pictures in the Moments feature will self-destruct within 24 hours, as opposed to Snapchat’s 10 seconds or less. Tinder’s popularity and relevance in pop culture just continues on. But before you update your Tinder to include this new feature, make sure you acquaint yourselves with our 10 commandments for using the dating app.

Also, check out a hilarious “tinder movie” trailer below…



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