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“Simpsonized” NHL Logos Will Make Even Non-Hockey Fans Smile


NHL team logos and The Simpsons don’t share a whole lot in common–but after seeing what Mark Avery-Kenny (a Toronoto-based graphic designer) has done with combining the two worlds, you can’t argue that the longest-running animated show and ice hockey don’t go well together.

Crossing pop culture references with professional sports is nothing new (Star Wars x NFL / England x NFL) so it’s strange that this is the first time I’ve ever seen The Simpsons brought into the fray. Your favorite characters complement the logos so well that it’s likely to upset the 11 teams who weren’t included in the project at the time this article was published.

There are still a bunch of notable characters left on the table including Nelson, Barney, Maggie, and Ned Flanders so don’t get too down on yourself. It’s not like your team lost a huge first game of the Stanley Cup Finals in OT or anything.

See more of Mark’s work on Instagram (@AK47_Studios)

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