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Kendall Jenner Puts On The Handbra For Interview Magazine [PICS]


Kendall Jenner put on a handbra for Interview–which, sadly, doesn’t mean a job interview here at the COED offices (although our offer remains open to her). In this case, Kendall Jenner took off her top for the artsy Interview magazine, which has always had a kind of wild love affair with overblown celebrity. We don’t think that many Interview readers are going to be outraged by the appearance of an honorary Kardashian in the magazine’s hallowed pages.

The pics are pretty amazing, too. The photo above showed up earlier as one of yesterday’s¬†20 Hottest Instagram Pics, although we didn’t pick up on Kendall’s post of the pic also plugging the upcoming Interview¬†appearance. That explains a lot. Everyone should check out Kendall’s actual interview in Interview, too. She comes across as really likable–especially for an 18-year-old model who’s lived a pretty charmed life.

That’ll make you feel a lot better about enjoying these hot pics. And you’ll probably feel okay about taking a look back at how Kendall built up her profile as a budding hottie–but first, let’s enjoy this grown-up beauty…

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