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Jimmy Fallon, Tom Cruise Break Each Other’s Faces [VIDEO]



Tom Cruise and host Jimmy Fallon faced off against each other in a battle of football versus face. It was part of yet another new Tonight Show segment–this one called “Face Breakers,” and featured the host and guest throwing footballs at a wall of glass panels featuring images of Fallon or Cruise. The goal is for each of them to get as many glass panes of the other person broken as they could.

We’re pretty impressed by Tom Cruise’s throwing skills here, and pondering whether Jimmy Fallon would purposely throw badly just for cheap laughs. Or, you know, to appease a movie star like Tom Cruise while he’s busy plugging Edge of Tomorrow. Well, that’s enough potential spoilers–check out the clip and be prepared for a very likable Tom Cruise who you’d probably want on your pick-up team…

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