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Erica Ocampo on “Gang Related” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Erica Ocampo on Gang Related

(9:00 PM EST, FOX)

Your humble See Her Tonight column has already gotten excited over Inbar Lavi on Gang Related, but it seems the FOX summer show is out to mix a lot more sex symbols with brutal police drama. Check out how Gang Related hides away Erica Ocampo in tonight’s episode–where we’re not even sure if she gets proper billing when she shows up as a salsa dancer…  [photo via…]

Of course, you have to watch out for Erica Ocampo occasionally billing herself as “Erica Juliet.” We’re not sure what’s going on there, but Erica Ocampo has top billing in our fantasies under any name. The exotic L.A. actress also stays busy behind the scenes as a make-up artist, but Erica gets plenty of action in front of the cameras as a triple-threat–meaning she can dance, act, and also kick ass as a martial arts star.

Hollywood needs to catch up quick, although we’ll note (sadly) that Disney Channel star Tajh Mowry has discovered Erica in a romantic way that we’d rather not think about if it doesn’t involve us. You can discover more of Erica via this very informative (and distractingly hot) video. But first check out these pics that’ll get you ready to welcome Erica into your living room…

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