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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Wednesday, June 4th


It’s another amazing Instagram afternoon–with Destiny Sierra (above) getting in some summer reading. We’re glad that she’s staying warm by lounging around the library in her lingerie, too. There are way too many hot gals suffering unnecessarily in hot weather months. Fortunately, our Instagram feed for Wednesday is full of ladies who are eager to demonstrate how to keep cool.

Consider the wise Ashley Schwalm, who throws on a bikini and then positions herself up in a tree for maximum breeze access. We firmly believe that more sexy women in bikinis should be growing in trees, and hopefully falling just enough so that we can catch them. We’ve also caught beautiful bikini models like Kyra Santoro and Devin Brugman. We’re not sure if Holly Coleman is wearing lingerie or a bikini, but we’re willing to stare until we come to a decision.

We’re also happy to see Gabbi Farias and Leanna Decker proving that a one-piece bathing suit can still show off plenty of skin. Well, we think that Leanna is in a bathing suit. We’ll stare at that pic for a while, too. You don’t want to miss our celebrity guest Kendall Jenner in today’s black-and-white study worth studying, plus–hey, there’s Meghan Markle in a library, too.

You know, we think we have a few books to check out–so pardon us while you check out plenty more amazingly intimate Instagram moments….

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