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Happy Birthday, Bar Rafaeli: Her 37 Sexiest Pics of 2014 [PHOTOS]


Bar Rafaeli is turning 29 years old today–that being June 4th, 2014–and it’s probably her best birthday yet. Remember last November when she finally had surgery to get rid of that disgusting birthmark on her body? Yeah, that was really necessary. That fatal flaw almost ruined Bar’s chances to become one of the most highly-paid models in the world. No wonder she was reduced to kissing men like that nerd on the Super Bowl commercial. And, um, Leonardo DiCaprio.  [photo via…]

Anyway, Bar Rafaeli has put all of that behind her. She’s been having a great 2014 showing off her amazing new body, and we’re celebrating the supermodel’s birthday with a look at her most super sexy pics from the past six months. It seems that Bar really got a running start for heading toward her thirties. We’re feeling pretty good about Bar looking just as hot into her forties, too.

We have one pic here from Bar’s controversial Hoodies commercial, too. It may look like Bar is back to her Super Bowl-quality boyfriends, but you’ll have to trust us that she’s in bed with a proper rock star. But–amazingly enough–we were able to compile Bar’s 37 sexiest photos while leaving out her amazing recent work for Passionata lingerie and the Spanish edition of Elle. You might want to save those pics (or maybe some GIFs, or Bar’s sexiest TwitPics) for dessert tomorrow–but if you’re like us, you’re more likely to gorge on this birthday feast…

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