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Girls Gone Too Wild Wednesday: June 4th [48 PHOTOS]


Girls gone too wild

We’re pretty much into the summertime now, and we’re happy to report that the hot weather isn’t keeping any girls from going too wild. In fact, now they seem to be going too wild in bikinis. Maybe that should be expected. We’re not complaining, since that means that these wild girls are showing more skin than ever–which seems to give them plenty of ideas for new ways to go wild.

This amazing collection of pics have girls simulating sexy things in pools, plus using their fellow girls as floatation devices. That seems to be really popular this year. Twerking seems to be a thing for another summer. These pics will make that seem a lot less painful. You also won’t want to miss a certain wild gal’s reaction to a guy flexing his muscles. A few COED staffers have gotten a similar reaction, but you won’t catch us bragging about it.

And is it just us, or is there a lot more lesbianism going on than usual? That must be the remnants of Spring Fever–and these pics will get you feeling plenty feverish over summer…

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