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Chris Paul Loves Kelly Kapowski—We Feel The Same Way [40 HOT GIFS]


Chris Paul Kelly Kapowski Tiffany Amber-Thiessen

It was a very happy birthday for Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul–as he was gifted with a signed photo of Tiffani Amber-Thiessen as Saved By The Bell’s resident sex bomb Kelly Kapowski. Well, as TMZ reports, the pic was actually signed as “Tiffani Thiessen,” since the still-sexy gal ditched her old middle name a few years ago. The important thing is that Chris Paul was proud to turn 29 years old as a proud Kelly Kapowski fan, and shared that info on Twitter.

Even better, Paul isn’t alone in the the world of sports, as we saw via this Tweeted responses…

Andy Roddick Kelly Kapowski Tweet

Well, we’re certainly big fans of Kelly Kapowski, too–not to mention Tiffani Amber-Thiessen, or even Tiffani Thiessen. The actress has certainly proven herself to be a survivor over the years. She made it into a Woody Allen film (2002’s Hollywood Ending) and is also enjoying a hit cable series with her long-running role on White Collar. She also showed up in one of those Dusk Til Dawn sequels. Those are cool. Anyway, we’re proud to Be Like Mike Chris and geek out over Tiffani, too. You can check out plenty of hot pics of the former Kelly Kapowski, but you might want to start by getting animated over these Tiffani GIFs…

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