Celina Jade on "Arrow" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Celina Jade on Arrow

(8:00 PM EST, The CW)

Your totally inept See Her Tonight column is still using the summer rerun season to catch up with hot babes that we should’ve covered before–but it’s particularly weird that we missed out on Celina Jade’s recent work on Arrow as the arrow-slinging Shado. Yesh, she shoots arrows like the titular superhero, and she’s kind of the Green Arrow’s shadow, so that name kind of makes sense.  [photo via…]
Of course, we’ve been geeking out over a lot of the hot babes on this comic-book series–including regulars and semi-regulars like Katie Cassidy, Summer Glau, Caity Lotz, Kelly Hu, and Jessica De Gouw, Tonight’s a very special episode of Arrow, though, since it’s the one where Oliver Queen finally has sexy with the sultry Shado. Then they find a bunch of dead bodies. We won’t go into spoiler territory if you’re catching up with the series from there–but you’ll really want to enjoy Celina Jade while you can on the show.
We’re pretty sure that we’ll get to enjoy Celina off the show for a while. She’s the rare Hollywood actress (by way of Hong Kong) who can really kick ass on and off the screen. She became an international star with a starring screen debut in 2008’s Legendary Assassin, but didn’t make it into American multiplexes until 2012’s The Man With the Iron Fists. We’re expecting that she’s going to VOD with Dolph Lundgren in the upcoming Skin Trade, but her work as Shado showed off some acting ability to match her fighting skills. Celina can also work all kinds of sexy looks, as you’ll see with these kick-ass pics…

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