Adriana Lima Gets Sensually Sporty for Italian Vogue [PICS + VIDEO]

We love sexy athletes here at COED, but we weren’t ready for Adriana Lima to join their ranks–but that’s all changed with the Victoria’s Secret model’s amazing new shoot for Italian Vogue. It might be the wildest Adiana Lima shoot ever. Give a lot of credit to photographer Steven Meisel, The guy has a pretty amazing vision for Adriana Lima’s Wild Wide World Of Sports–including Adriana in a pair of Adidas high-heels.
For one thing, we’re pretty sure that this is the first time that Adriana Lima has ever been asked to pose in a do-rag. We know that it’s Adrian’s first time on the magazine’s cover. Now we’re what else is coming up in Italian Vogue, because all we have now is some fine video of Adriana’s photo shoot. Nothing wrong with that, though–unless you don’t like the soundtrack, and we think that you’ll still enjoy this video if you turn off the sound.
But there are a few too many jump-cuts in this Vogue video for our taste, so we’ve also taken the time to save plenty of our favorite shots for some seriously sporty savoring. It’s certainly Adriana Lima like we’ve never seen her before. We’ve seen a lot of Adriana, too, and you might want to check out 44 Adriana Lima GIFs, or hot pics of Adriana before she was famous. These Vogue pics (and video) still seem like a lot more than a warm-up…


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