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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Tuesday, June 3rd


It’s another amazing day on Instagram–and it warms our hearts to see Britnny Ward warming herself in the same tropical climes that your COED staff is usual enjoying. There are plenty of other babes who are also out to remind us that it’s the most wonderful time of  the year, but they seem to have actually gotten out of the city. That includes the likes of Olya Abramovich, Sahara Ray, Johana Gomez, and Kirra O’Brien–who seems to have cut off her head with a selfie, but we don’t think that you’ll mind the view.

We also have celebrity guest Emily Ratajkowski showing off a custom-made Sports Illustrated bikini, plus classy gals like Valentina Pegorer and Morgana Balzarotti–and all kinds of other instant Instagram sweethearts. Take a look at more of Tuesday’s hottest ladies, and start feeling warm yourself…

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