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Suki Waterhouse: We Like Cara Delevingne’s Taste In Girls [28 PICS]


Yes, it’s sad that Cara Delevingne has broken up with Michelle Rodriguez–but the good news is that our fantasies are on the rebound, thanks to Cara now reportedly hooking up with fellow model Suki Waterhouse. We know that the two have modeled together, but we didn’t think that our usual daydreams would get this close to reality.  [photo via…]

But, hey, you can’t trust us. We get carried away easily. Take a peek at this discreet pic and tell us if we’re just imagining things…

[photo via…]

Yeah, you can be sure that we’re imagining things now. Suki Waterhouse has some extensive heterosexual relationships in her history, including a stint with Bradley Cooper. along with assorted British pop stars. Suki is also a society type, so it’s really fun to think of her hanging out with a punkish gal like Cara. In fact, we’re thinking seriously about Michelle catching Cara in bed with Suki, and Michelle is acting all like a tough gal, and Suki is being all upper-class, and then…

Well, we’ll keep that to ourselves. The important thing is that we need to research Suki carefully. She’s never been too wild as a model, but we have plenty of sexy pics here that’ll fire up your own imagination. Check them out–but don’t use that scenario where Michelle catches Cara and Suki. That one is ours….

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