Some Crazy Bastard Pulled a "Superman" With a Van [VIDEO]

A Scottish man pretended to be Superman by hanging from the side of a moving van while his buddy filmed it.
Kevin Hannaway of Glasgow, Scotland was riding along a busy road with his buddy when he got a brilliant idea. He jumped out of the van, latched on to the side, extended one arm and pretended he was flying along side it like Superman doing some kind of helpful ride along. His buddy filmed the whole thing on an iPhone and put it on YouTube where it quickly started to gain traction because it meets the two key elements of all great viral videos: creativity and rampant stupidity. You can see it for yourself in the embedded video but put on some headphones or make sure no one in your office is within earshot because it contains some choice Scottish cussing…
Naturally, the video drew the ire of safety advocate groups who called Hannaway’s little stunt reckless and dangerous. Hannaway explained the van wasn’t going as fast as it appeared in the video and that he was actually riding a bicycle, which somehow makes the whole video seem more dangerous¬† and therefore cooler. He also said that no one should attempt to recreate the video, which goes without saying. We, of course, would encourage you do the same but if you’re really itching to be just like Superman, there’s a safer way to do it. Awhile back, a couple of filmmakers produced a great video of Superman using a Go-Pro camera using special effects software and a few simple camera tricks. Sure it’s probably a lot more expensive to buy movie grade special effects equipment but we know that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than your average hospital bill.

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