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Ryan Lewis Asks People Of New York What Ryan Lewis Does [VIDEO]



Rapper Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis are pretty much a package deal. However, Macklemore definitely takes the cake for being much, much more famous. As in, if Macklemore was standing right in front of you, you’d definitely be able to tell who it was. Sadly, such is not the case for Ryan Lewis.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon proved that last night by having Lewis take to the streets of New York and ask pedestrians all about Ryan Lewis. Most of them really didn’t have any idea what Lewis brought to the table–although we like the suggestion that he does “something with computers.” We’re also impressed by the lady who rates Ryan Lewis’ sexual attractiveness while talking to Ryan Lewis. And you can rest assured that every interview ends with Ryan Lewis introducing himself for maximum embarrassment.

We’d like to see even more famous people do this sort of thing. It just proves how oblivious most people truly are. Although, if we were Ryan Lewis, we’d be just fine with being the less-famous one–especially since your partner in crime seems to get himself into trouble every now and then. Check out the full hilarious clip below…

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