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Nicki Minaj Rocked The Underboob At The Hot 97 Summer Jam [23 PICS]


We’re really happy with Nicki Minaj deciding to scrape off the overkill glam and try to showcase herself as a hot babe–as seen at this weekend’s Hot 97 Summer Jam show. Our own theory is that Nikki saw herself stuck in the Fran Drescher role in The Other Woman, and decided that the Nicki Minaj brand needed an overhaul.  [photos via…]

That seems to have included hauling a glittering sweater over her breasts, but we won’t complain. Nicki’s still winning us over–and this comes in the aftermath of a wine commercial shoot that also had her looking sensational. Of course, we’re on record as saying that the hottest Summer Jam action was in the parking lot, but let’s also consider this….

In fact, it’s looking like all of the other news outlets are also going on record as saying that Nicki was the show’s big sexy symbol–although her competition was Nas and 50 Cent–neither of whom could look as good in this outfit…

But, you know, we’re also thinking that we could look back really fondly at Nicki Minaj’s heyday as a glamour dragon–and you’ll notice that Nicki made sure that she was wearing some tight pants that showed her assets in all of their legendary glory. Check out these pics of the Nicki that we used to know, and think of how happy we’ll be when she goes back to this as her retro look in 2024…

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