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Michelle Pierce on “NCIS” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Michelle Pierce on NCIS

(8:00 PM EST, CBS)

It’s the summer rerun season, and–as we say at the See Her Tonight column–if you were passed out in a drunken stupor before, then it’s new to you. And we’re very eager to catch up with Michelle Pierce, who kind of snuck up on us as a recurring character on NCIS.  [photo via…]

Of course, we’ve caught up with plenty of guest stars on NCIS, including Julie McNiven,–although sister show NCIS: Los Angeles keeps us busier with ladies like Michelle TrachtenbergDiane Yang, and Mercedes Masöhn. That might be why we’ve missed out on Michelle Pierce’s story arc as the love interest (and eventual bride) of the Jimmy Palmer character. Michelle has a pretty interesting story arc, too. She’s a real California girl, and her great-grandmother was silent film star Helen Bray. Michelle herself seems to be working more often on the small screen, and we’ve been happy with her in our living rooms.

We won’t pretend that we noticed Michelle amongst the chaos in 2007’s Transformers, but she was hard to miss in one of the more memorable episodes of the Rules of Engagement sitcom. We also enjoyed her in a rare lead role in The Monkey’s Paw–that being a horror film from last year that did a pretty good job of expanding on a classic creepy short story. There’s nothing creepy about Michelle, though, and we’re even willing to sit through a Christmas episode in June to catch up with her NCIS career. Now check out some pics that’ll also feel like Christmas in…um, June…

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