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Imogen Poots Turns 25—Here’s Her 38 Hottest Pics [PHOTOS]


She may have the most unfortunate name for an actress since Alison Doody, but Imogen Poots hasn’t kept that from becoming a major-league sex symbol while launching her career as a serious actress. Now she’s turning 25 years old, and Imogen Poots (her middle name is Gay) has plenty of pending films that seem set to make her a movie star.

We can’t remember if we predicted stardom for Imogen back in 2007. She was just about to become an adult, but we might’ve been distracted by the pseudo-zombie action in 28 Weeks Later. We didn’t notice Jeremy Renner in the thing, either. The native Brit babe really got past us until 2011’s Fright Night, and it wasn’t hard for her to stand out in that dull remake of a fun vampire film.

Imogen still brought a real playfulness to her character. She’s been working steadily ever since, and she has a stack of pending films that are going to keep her getting noticed. That includes the upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic with Andre Benjamin, and a turn with James McAvoy in the corrupt-cop film Filth. That one just opened in NYC last week, and it’s easily Imogen’s wildest role yet.

Sadly, Imogen’s most recent appearances at the multiplex were in the Zac Efron comedy That Awkward Moment and the fizzling fast-car film Need for Speed. She still has Knight of Cups coming up from acclaimed filmmaker Terrence Malick, and a lead role in the upcoming comedy Squirrels to the Nuts. Both of which sound like movies about jock straps–but, as you can see here, an unfortunate name can’t keep Imogen from looking great…

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