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Doritos Is Channeling Willy Wonka, Hiding Gold Chips In Bags


In a clear tribute to Willie Wonka, Doritos is sending fans on a wild hunt for golden tickets chips inside Doritos Jacked bags. The contest started on Sunday and runs through August 1st. How to compete in this glorious contest, you ask? Just go ahead and keep buying Doritos Jacked bags and make sure to look for the “You Could Win a Gold-Plated Doritos Limited Edition Chip Replica” sticker on them. If you score and redeem, you’ll get a gold-plated fake chip–which is worth 31 bucks, but then you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of the two solid 24-karat gold Doritos replicas. Those are worth over a grand.

It’s not as fun as just randomly getting free cash on the street in San Francisco-but we’ll take it. There are currently 3,156 tickets across the country in “Jacked” bags–so get yourself to your nearest Bodega, grocery store, or your stoner friend’s kitchen to commence working through a few bags of Doritos.

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