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Coffee Brewed with Marijuana? Yes, Please!


legal coffee

A Washington marijuana grower has finally combined two of mankind’s greatest pick-me-ups with his brand of coffee infused with marijuana.

Mirth Provisions of Longview, Washington announced a new line of coffee cleverly called “Legal Beverages” designed to make you feel high and wide-eyed at the same time. Each bottle contains 20 mg of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. It’s a small amount compared to most consumables because the company’s founder Adam Stites said he only wants customers to experience a mild high while they are sipping their coffee comparing it to “a nice IPA and a glass of wine.” We’re assuming he means an IPA or a glass of wine that also gives you a raging hunger for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Mirth offers different varieties of their marijuana infused coffee including such flavors as Rainier cherry, lemon ginger and pomegranate as well as a cream and sugar flavor and a black coffee flavor that they’ve dubbed the “John Wayne of cold brews.” Each flavor offers a different strain of marijuana that produces different kinds of highs to match their unique flavor. They are also served cold and in bottles so you can drink them on the go for the pothead that has things to do besides passing out on their couch and laughing at Cartoon Network all day.

Stites said he’s still waiting on official approval from the state to sell his coffee in marijuana dispensaries. We hope that the state gives him the approval to sell it in every coffee shop. Just imagine how much more tolerable this would make having to stand behind some guy at Starbucks who has at least 30 steps in his morning order.

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