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Yunjin Kim Returns To “Mistresses” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Yunjin Kim on Mistresses

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

Summer’s a big deal for your See Her Tonight, as we get series returning that–well, we kind of forgot ever existed. Amazingly enough, that includes ABC’s Mistresses–despite the show featuring a Holy Trinity of the pairs of Alyssa Milano, Rochelle S. Aytes, and Yunjin Kim. (Not to mention guests like Shannyn Sossamon.)

In the case of Yunjin Kim, though, we’re eager to both return to her role in Mistresses (where the nighttime soap has her therapist character caught up in murder) and to our Yunjim Kim gallery of hot shots. Frankly, it needed some freshening up. A lot of people still know Yunjin best from Lost, of course, where the cultish ABC hit helped Yunjin become one of the most prominent South Korean actresses to break out big in America.

Hollywood has kind of fumbled the ball with Yunjin, but ABC has smartly held on to the actress and kept her in our living rooms. A cast stacked full of stacked actresses hasn’t made Mistresses a major hit, but it’s some great trashy fun, and nothing worse than Yunjin was doing in South Korea–where movies like Mr. Iron Palm are romantic comedies instead of slasher films. Now check out these pics that’ll get you feeling romantic, too. We could add some clever wordplay there, but, really, we’d rather not…

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