Vivid Cabaret NYC Pole Dance Finals: Death-Defyingly Hot [35 PHOTOS]

We’re not always in love with New York City here at COED, but we were sure proud of the local talent as Vivid Cabaret hosted the NYC Regional Grand Finals of its 2014 Pole Dance Competition this past Saturday night. We’re always looking for any excuse to stop in Vivid Cabaret, anyway, since the place is easily one of NYC’s most unique nightclubs.
Vivid Cabaret is officially part of the Rick’s Cabaret empire, but Vivid Cabaret–associated with one of America’s leading adult entertainment brands–has a slightly more rock ‘n roll feel that always makes us feel at home. The club is a little more lounge-like and nicely intimate. Then there’s the very special brand of Vivid Cabaret dancers, who are proud to work in a stellar setting that they can turn into an incredibly classy strip joint.
And, of course, Vivid Cabaret has New York City’s  tallest stripper pole. That beauty is an impressive 25 feet hight, and it got a real workout as the dancers competed for a $5,000 prize–and a trip to Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami. That’s the home of the tallest stripper pole in North America. It’s also where the best pole dancers in the country will be competing for a $20,000 grand prize this coming July 25th and July 26th.
Check out these pics of the amazing competition–with Second Prize winner Mikayla in fine form. You’ll also marvel at the woman known as Matrix, who looked more like she was competing to join the X-Men. We’re surprised that pole was still standing after her super-heroic turn. We also have Nena and Blake on display.
Look all the way through for the rooftop celebration party, too. There’s Rick’s Regional Manager Shaun Kevlin handing over the Official Big Check and a guest appearance by legendary Vivid adult actress Savanna Samson–because, you know, Vivid Cabaret is where the big names in adult entertainment hang out–but not always from the ceiling…

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