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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Monday, June 2nd


June is busting out all over,¬†and so are models like Byrana Holly (above)–at least, when it comes to our Instagram accounts. We’ve had a very busy day ogling some awesome models who have supplied us with plenty of distracting pics. We’ve had some very pleasant surprises to start the month, too. We weren’t expecting a college soccer star like Alex Major to come along. There’s also an amazing display by personal trainer Massy, who we’d like to hire as our own personal trainer, but we would die.

We also almost died over Megan Retzlaff’s amazing selfie that scans the length of her bikini’d bod. Kathryn Goyette got our attention by just ditching the whole concept of clothing, and we’re really grateful to Alysha Nett and Brittny Ward for giving us two black-and-white studies worthy of serious study. And that’s just a smidgen of the hottest intimate Instagram pics that crossed our way today. Check them out for what may already be the best June ever…

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