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Kirsten Dunst Rocks A Handbra, Reminds Us She’s A Sex Symbol [28 PICS]


Hey, remember Kirsten Dunst? She was the original Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man movies, and it was a big deal when she signed for that role, since Kirsten was a pretty hot indie actress. We mean “hot” in terms of career, of course, but also hot as in she had an offbeat beauty that had guys raving at the start of the century.

We’ve seen less of Kirsten lately, but we’re seeing plenty of her in the latest edition of the French magazine Madame Figaro. Kirsten’s on the cover of the latest issue, and she rode in for the shoot bareback. Check out the actual cover at the magazine’s site, but it’s only slightly less sexier than this amazing outtake…

But what exactly do we learn about Kirsten in the new issue of Madame Figaro? Well, our French is a little rusty, but we think Kirsten invokes Charlotte Rampling as a glamourous role model because of the older actress’ confidence. That’s a good reference. Also, Kirsten would like to work with Quentin Tarantino and some more obscure directors, and she gives director Sofia Coppola a lot of credit for turning her into a woman.

Well, we think that’s what she says. Kirstenmight be saying that her role in Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides helped her transition into womanhood on screen. Kirsten, after all, started out as a child star–albeit a creepy child star who weirded out a lot of people with her role in 1994’s Interview with the Vampire.

But then Kirsten grew up, and maybe the Spider-Man movies made her kind of uncool and less indie, but these Madame Figaro pics (and interview, if you speak French) will get you inspired all over again. Especially if you’re a leg man. But first, let’s look back at  the Kirsten that a lot of guys really, really love–and have plenty of good reasons to keep loving, too….

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