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Banksy Art Done In LEGOS Looks More Valuable Than Banksy Art [PICS]


Banksy is the most famous street artist in the world, and he can literally increase the value of a building with his graffiti–but we’re pretty sure that photographer Jeff Friesen is a much bigger deal. He’s just unveiled his new series of LEGO work that recreates Banksy originals, and we know which artwork we’d rather have on in our house.  [photo via…]

This is even more impressive to us because we braved the tourist season to go to LEGO’s NYC landmark store this weekend. We were mainly looking for plastic lightning bolts, but there were some other accessories, and we were kind of disappointed at how we couldn’t find–look, it doesn’t matter why we were building LEGOs. We can spend our money on anything we want, and a guy like Jeff Friesen proves that LEGOs are very serious business.

Take a look for yourself, but don’t forget that these Banksy pics are just a small part of Friesen’s genius, as regulary captured at The Brick Fantastic site. We’re thinking that Banksy must be feeling really inspired right now…


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