Amber Heard Artfully Loses Her Top For Aleim Magazine [99 PICS]

Amber Heard got way artistic for Aleim Magazine–which is a pretty cool publication dedicated to some kind of Aleim Society of artists, and we’d sure like to join that society if it has ladies like Amber Heard. The magazine seems to do pretty well for itself. Some other issues have featured artistic emoting from the likes of Kerry Washington and Julie Delpy. And we’re going to be checking out those articles, mostly to see if they joined Amber in striking this kind of pose…  [mag photos via…]

Amber is officially doffing her top for what’s only Issue #4 of Aleim, which means the publication is definitely doing something right. Amber Heard doesn’t need too much publicity nowadays. She must have really been attracted to Aleim itself. We can tell from these pics that they really got Amber in an artistic mood, too.
The mag also has a pretty great interview that makes us think we have a shot with Amber. Yeah, we know that she’s engaged to Johnny Depp, but check out this quote: “Well, I like weirdos. People who, on purpose or inadvertently, stand outside of the norms of our society. They are fundamentally just more interesting.”

That makes it sound like we have a shot, right? Yeah. We think so, too. And if that doesn’t work out, we can still join you in checking out Amber’s amazing interview, and even the Aleim video–and we also have this pretty amazing collection of pics that should get you feeling inspired….

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