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“Scouts vs. Zombies” Gets Next Year’s “Friday the 13th” Reboot Slot


friday the 13th

Paramount’s big screen reboot for Friday the 13th will have to wait for another Friday the 13th–because it’s being bumped back for a horror comedy movie called Scouts vs. Zombies.

The studio announced last week¬†that they’re moving the release of the next Friday the 13th movie from March 15th, 2015 to November 13th, 2015. In its place, they’ve scheduled another movie that’s sure to be a massive gorefest called Scouts vs. Zombies that’s probably exactly what it sounds like. We would have gone with The Boy Scout Dismemboree but we’re not running a major motion picture studio.

If you’re a regular movie goer or just a plain old film buff, this news probably isn’t that big of a surprise. January, February and March are typically the dead zones for movie releases because they are wedged between the big, blockbuster summer movie season and just before the deadline to submit movies for Oscar contention. So those are the months where the studios generally dump the movies that they have the least amount of confidence in on their release schedules.

That’s not to say that Scouts vs. Zombies sounds like a bad movie. It just means that Paramount really wants Jason Voorhees to do well at the box office. That’s a big name¬†connected to a franchise that they will hope will last for a long time. And they don’t get much longer than Jason “I Will Never Die Even If You Blow Me Up, Drop Me Off a Building or Shoot Me in the Face with a Magnum .357 Six Times” Voorhees.

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