Woman Who Won The Week: Caitlin Stasey for #FreeTheNipple [32 PICS]

Caitlin Stasey Nipple Twitter

That (sadly) slightly-censored pic is Caitlin Stasey–who’s regularly on The CW’s Reign, and we’re looking forward to seeing her in the upcoming horror film All Cheerleaders Die. Caitlin Stasey also did some serious activism this week as part of the social media #FreeTheNipple campaign. The picture above was posted this week via Caitlin’s Twitter feed, and it seems pretty damn winning to us.

Officially, this most recent rally for #FreeTheNipple is inspired by Rihanna getting banned from Instagram after posting her bare-breasted pics from her Lui magazine photo shoot. It seems that she couldn’t be as discreet as Gisele Bundchen posing nude for the publication. In any case, we’re siding with celebrities who’ve sided with #FreeTheNipple as a campaign hashtag against oppressive things like making women wear shirts in public. Guys don’t get arrested when they’re not wearing shirts in public, right?

Actually, a lot of guys who wear shirts in public should get arrested–but we will not be judgmental. We’ve already covered Scout Willis going nude in public to support #FreeTheNipple, but we’re a lot more excited about Caitlin Stasey joining the cause because…well, we’re big Caitlin Stasey fans. We probably wouldn’t even be watching Reign if it hadn’t been for her amazing masturbation scene in the first episode.

But there’s a lot more to Caitlin than just sex appeal. She’s quickly becoming one of our favorite celebs, since Caitlin consistently sounds really smart while being outspoken. Now check out these winning pics, and you’ll be won over to Caitlin, too…

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