Ashley Jones Takes Her “Secret Sex Life” To Lifetime Network [PICS]

We don’t jump on every schlock film that livens up a Saturday night on the Lifetime network–but we had to notice a title like The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom. Then we really, really had to notice that this movie was Lifetime’s bid at covering some Fifty Shades of Grey territory. That means we’re getting a Lifetime movie about a single mom who discovers the joy of submissive sex. We were all set to tune in tonight–and then The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom became real event television once we learned that the titular mom is played by Ashley JOnes.

We’d put Ashley Jones on our list of top MILFs for plenty of reasons. She’s a 38-year-old Southern gal who’s really best known as a soap opera star, but that began to change when Ashley showed up on True Blood back in 2009. She managed a very memorable scene in a bikini before her conniving waitress character had her heart served up in a souffle.

Ashley couldn’t be forgotten, though–especially after a bold sex scene in the quickly-canceled series Flash Forward. Ashley began to work steadily in prime time. That was particularly good news after she ended a 10-year stint on The Bold and the Beautiful last year. That soap opera’s loss is our gain, with Ashley likely to even make it into the multiplexes with the upcoming Kevin Hart comedy The Wedding Ringer. We’re not sure what The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom will do for Ashley’s career–but we know what these pics will do for you plans for Saturday night…

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