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Paige on “WWE SmackDown” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Paige on WWE SmackDown

(8:00 PM EST, Syfy)

It’s another Friday where your See Her Tonight column is eyeing the ladies of WWE Smackdown–but we’re not hearing any complaints. Well, except from Continuum fans who want more coverage of hot Canadian ladies.  [photo via…]

But let’s not neglect the appeal of wallopin’ WWE women like Kaitlyn, Eva Marie, Michelle McCool, Layla, Cameron, Trish Stratus, and The Bella Twins. Man, we’re exhausted from just listing all those physically-fit femmes–but we still somehow have the energy to run with plentiful pics of the powerhouse known as Paige. She’s going up against Tamina Snuka on tonight’s SmackDown, and it’s really hard for us to predict how that’s going to end. Paige is the current WWE Divas Champion, and she’s already won over Tamina during two prominent matches.

We’re thinking that Paige is going to keep that streak going–in addition to going on as one of the WWE’s more unique divas. The exotic Paige was born into this world as Saraya-Jade Bevis. She was born into the biz, too, since her parents were veteran wrestlers of England’s wrestling scene. Yeah, England has a wrestling scene. Paige was one of its biggest stars, too, but she was still ready to break into the American market when the WWE made her an offer in 2011.

Paige has had an amazing career in America, too. She’s one of the youngest Divas to ever hold a title, and moved up the ranks faster than any gal in the biz. Also, the fans really love her–and these plentiful pics will get you wrestling for your remote to turn in to Paige tonight….

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