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Nicolas Cage Gets “Left Behind” in This Teaser Trailer [VIDEO]



Left Behind Trailer Nicolas Cage

A lot of people will be baffled to see Nicolas Cage starring in the big-budget theatrical version of Left Behind–based on the best-selling book about the Rapture. But that’s not nearly as baffling as the trouble that God causes when He decides to suddenly liberate a few million souls to Heaven. Left Behind then explores what life might be like during the Rapture when the chosen ones are suddenly taken up and the rest are left back on Earth.

This trailer, however, mainly leaves us behind to consider how much trouble the Rapture causes. For example, God was sure in a hurry to take the driver of the school bus above. Are we just supposed to be hoping that all of the kids went along, too?

Academy Award-winner Cage plays airline pilot Rayford Steele, and it’s a good thing for his passengers that he’s one of the lost souls that God decides to leave on Earth. Steele is actually flying the plane when the Rapture happens over the Atlantic ocean. His daughter Chloe–played by Cassi Thompson–is forced to deal with the chaotic life on the ground.

That includes a few airplanes crashing into cars, because there were some pilots who must have been a lot more Godlier that Nicolas Cage’s character. Left Behind is set for release sometime this October, but check out all the unholy goodness that’s set to ensue in this teaser trailer…

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