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Marilyn Monroe: More Rare Pics Emerge For Her Birthday [51 PHOTOS]


Marilyn Monroe’s birthday is June 1st, and it remains a national holiday for admirers of the female figure. Marilyn Monroe’s birthday is also a big deal to her fans–partly because the day almost always means some new announcement about her legacy. This year, we’re seeing the art collectors at the Limited Runs site releasing some amazing new pics from a series called “Marilyn: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star.”  [photo via…]

We anticipate a lot of success for Limited Runs, of course. Marilyn Monroe remains Hollywood’s most shining standard for a sex symbol. Just check out this collection of sex symbols who’ve paid tribute to Marilyn, and that’ll give you an idea of what really counts as true iconic clout.

We still want to note that there always seem to be more rare Marilyn Monroe photos waiting to be found. We’ve personally seen three nude shots of Marilyn that have never been published. You won’t be seeing them because COED doesn’t have that kind of money, and the seller wouldn’t let us put them on our Chevron card. Marilyn looked great, though. We’re pretty sure that those pics ended up with the Playboy empire, too, so let’s just bide our time.

We’re not complaining, though. In fact, COED has had plenty of thrills poring over rare pics of Marilyn, and we have 50 more to share right here. They’re not as new as these amazing Limited Runs pics–which you should really check out–but they’re still a great start to the weekend…

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