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Kate Upton In Lingerie For The Men of “The Men” Mag [PICS]


We haven’t seen much of Kate Upton baring her beautiful bod lately, since she’s been busy showing off her cute comic skills in The Other Woman. But now we have Kate Upton back in front of the cameras looking seriously sexy–and, yeah, we really did already know how much we’d been missing her. There is, however, also some comedy to her new shoot for The Men magazine.

That’s partly because of Kate mixing some whimsy with her lounging in lingerie. Also, The Men is always a fun read. It’s a smart app with an international bent that’s missing from other men’s magazines. Sometimes, though, that bent goes straight into broken English. This mostly translates into a fun kind of enthusiasm that isn’t allowed in other publications–like when The Men asked, “Do you consider yourself a print maniac?!”

Well, we hadn’t given that much thought. We do, however, share The Men‘s enthusiasm for Kate Upton. Check out this immortal copy:

She admits not to be thrilled with her voluptuous breasts, and to disliking them sometimes. Male audience, on the other hand, finds them remarkable. Jaw dropping model extraordinaire is not stopping to draw the attention towards her beautiful big..eyes.

Check out more of The Men–and how they capture those big eyes–below, and then via the publication, and then you might also want to enjoy Kate Upton Before She Was Famous or Kate Upton’s Sexiest GIFs or Kate Upton (Truly) Topless. We got a lot like that, because we’re men, too…

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