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Josh Brolin Will Be Thanos for “Guardians of the Galaxy” [VIDEO]



Josh Brolin Thanos

Here’s some breaking news about Guardians of the Galaxy that no one could have predicted: Josh Brolin will play the film’s centerpiece villain Thanos.

The studio just confirmed the rumor that Brolin will provide the voice for the purple-skinned “Mad Titan” in James Gunn’s big screen remake of Guardians of the Galaxy. This won’t be our first glimpse of the guy on the big screen. He made an appearance at the tail end of the credits for Marvel’s Avengers. If you didn’t have the patience to sit through the credits, we’ve posted the short scene for you to enjoy so you can get on with your busy day of confirming Internet movie rumors…

Thanos will be the centerpiece villain for the new movie or as Gunn described him, “the head of the snake.” He’s probably heading to Earth for another showdown as he tries to collect some powerful artifact that will make him an even more powerful interstellar prick. The interesting part is how it could be setting the character up for an even more epic showdown for the third Avengers movie. And we’re not even going to speculate if there’s even going to be a third Avengers movie because we know that the studio executives would have to be insane not to be planning for such a movie already.

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