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Chad Ochocino’s Reality-Show Date Maybe Stabbed A Guy, Still Hot [PICS]


Ruby Pazmino is a pretty big deal around Chicago, and a lot of people might remember her as the big winner on the old Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch reality show. That was the one where troubled NFL star Chad Ochocinco (now Chad Johnson) went shopping for a girlfriend. Now we’re thinking that Chad feels like a big winner, since he didn’t get too serious with Ruby Pazmino–who’s now famous in Chicago for having just been arrested for allegedly stabbing her new boyfriend.  [photo via…]

We’re thinking that a slight stabbing is no reason to go breaking up with Ruby Pazmino. She sure makes a fine case for herself via social media. She’s currently working in a bar, and Ruby is great at bringing in guys. That’s an important contribution to society. Also, it seems that Ruby is being jailed over a knife wound that left a 3-centimeter-deep stab wound. We’re pretty sure that we’d risk a 3-centimeter-deep stab wound for a date with Ruby. We’d even take her to one of those steak houses where they have the really big knives.

We bet Rubi would like that steakhouse, too. She doesn’t seem like the kind of gal who’d be ordering the salad. Chad sure seems to have fond memories of the lady. He told TMZ, “She was a doll during our times together. I love her and wish her the best in these rough times.” To which we can only say, “Back off, Chad. You had your chance, and we’re ready to die anyway.” Partly because we work at COED, and partly because of plentiful Pazmino pics like these….

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