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Beyonce vs. Godzilla For This Summer’s Biggest Draw [VIDEO]



Bryan Cranston says, “It’s going to bring us back to the stone age!”–and he’s probably talking about pop culture as we know it. Fortunately, that’s perfectly summed up in this amazing Beyonce/Godzilla mashup. We also get great shots of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry mixed in with people talking about the Illuminati. All leading up to a big finish that we’re kind of spoiling here.

Still, remember that this video looks cool enough that the final cheapo special effects are probably intentional. Also, part of this actually gives us the chills. Is this Beyonce’s world and we’re just living in it? Will one day Beyonce (or her alter-ego Sacha Fierce) destroy us all? We’ve already seen her calmly watching as her little sister attacked her husband, so we think we’ll be just fine. Now watch the clip and discuss it with friends all weekend…

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