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LeBron Goes Money for Johnny Manziel, Who “Doesn’t Care What World Thinks”


Johnny Manziel LeBron James Money Sign

The world of Johnny Manziel turns out to be one where he does what he wants–and LeBron James is giving his official endorsement. The basketball great posted the above pic of his appreciation of “Manziel Money” yesterday–and just in time for Johnny to be making some bold announcements. You might have heard that Manziel went to Las Vegas over the Memorial Day weekend, and just days before the Cleveland Browns began their organized team activities. He was photographed with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in the process.

Some people questioned that idea, and now Manziel says that that he doesn’t care what the world thinks of his trip to Vegas. He kind of has a point there. The 24-hour news cycle has turned every action that a player does into a major story. If a player goes out to dinner or a weekend trip, then the press is there. The Browns should only be worried if Manziel got himself in trouble while in Vegas–which obviously didn’t happen. Cleveland knew what they were getting themselves into when they drafted him earlier this month in the NFL Draft.

Manziel even took the time to take a picture on the plane ride back with the team’s playbook. That’s enough proof to us that Johnny was on a working vacation–and while there are going to be plenty of other stories like this as time goes on, Johnny Football will keep doing what he normally does.

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