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Jaslene Gonzalez: Her 30 Wildest Pics For Her 28th Birthday [PHOTOS]


Nobody’s ever expected a real top model to emerge from America’s Next Top Model–but Jaslene Gonzalez has really shaken up that idea since winning the show’s 8th season. She’s also become one of America’s wildest models. That’s a big leap from the lovely Latina’s days as an online college admissions advisor. Jaslene Gonzalez had ended up in that quiet job after her family moved to Chicago from her native Puerto Rico.  [photo via…]

She had done some modeling, too, but didn’t have enough of a portfolio to make it past the semifinals of America’s Top Model‘s 7th season. Good thing that she tried again, though. She cruised through Season 8 as the first winner to never even get close to being eliminated from the competition.

Some big names noticed. Her win back in 2007 gave her the usual Top Model prizes of an Elite Model Management contract, a $100,000 deal with CoverGirl cosmetics, and a token cover shoot for Seventeen magazine. Jaslene also did some of the usual B-list celeb modeling gigs, but soon began to hit the catwalks as a prestigious model in her own right.

It meant a lot when CoverGirl renewed Jaslene’s contract. The company could’ve just gone on to the next reality-show mannequin–but the company had caught on to how Jaslene was becoming a favorite with ambitious fotogs who appreciated Jaslene’s daring style. Check out these pics to see why Jaslene is called in for plenty of ambitious projects. Also, she’s sexy, and that might help…

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