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Eva Green “Sin City” Is Too Hot For The MPAA [PHOTO + GIFS]


sin city eva green

The Motion Picture Association of America, the group that puts ratings on every film and prevented you from seeing the South Park movie in the theater when you were a kid, has banned one of the posters for Sin City: A Dame To Die For.

The poster for Dimension Films’ sequel just features the lovely Eva Green standing with a gun and a nightgown and, well, not much else. She’s not totally naked (we understand your disappointment but we’ll get through it) but the lighting clearly shows some of her more pleasing features. Of course, we’re talking about her boobs. The MPAA, however, wasn’t as excited to see the poster and they issued an official ban on that prevents the studio from hanging it in theaters because boobies makes America cry or something. We’ve posted a full shot of the “offensive” poster so you can judge for yourself. Feel free to take your time…

sin city eva green full

If you’re any kind of movie fan, then you should not be a fan of the MPAA’s work. They are basically a group of cranky old nitpickers who strive to suck all the creativity and originality out of films in the name of preventing the public from seeing things that might  offend them. Their intentions may have been good when they started by issuing ratings on films so parents could keep their young ones out of harsher movies but the MPAA seems to have a harder time dealing with sexual scenes in movies than anything else. Maybe if the MPAA was sponsored by Viagra, we wouldn’t have problems like this.

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