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Ashlynn Yennie on “Undateable” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Ashlynn Yennie on Undateable

(9:00 PM EST, NBC)

Your See Her Tonight column is getting geared up for plenty of summer shows, and Undateable has a promising premise for plenty of hot guest stars. This new sitcom is about a real ladies’ man who decides to transform his dorky roommate into a COED editor smooth operator. So the important thing here is that it’s a guy who’s undateable, and not the gals–of which there are plenty, including the very dateable Ashlynn Yennie.  [photo via…]

“But,” you say, “isn’t it kind of a turn-off that Ashlynn Yennie is best known as one of the girls who made up the title character in The Human Centipede?” To which we can only reply that, no, Ashlynn is still very sexy because she was the girl who had her mouth sewed to the buttocks of the girl in the middle of the Human Centipede, and everyone knows that the end girl in a Human Centipede is still perfectly desirable.

Also, we admire Ashlynn for showing up for The Human Centipede (Second Sequence). That one isn’t as good as the shockingly jaunty first Human Centipede movie, but Ashlynn is a lot of fun while playing herself. We’re happy to see Ashlynn embracing her Scream Queen status, too. She has a lot of horror movies coming up, although Ashlynn has also gotten lots of opportunities to show off some serious acting range.

There’s plenty of that shown in the short film Last Night, for example–which Ashlynn crowdfunded with Meg Schmidt. We have some pics from that here, plus lots of other shots that’ll get you making sure that you have a date with Ashlynn on Undateable this night…

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