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Sawfish Caught in Florida Looks More Like A Monster [VIDEO]


Rare Sawfish Caught in South Florida

Quit dragging prehistoric monsters out of the sea, people! Seriously, let’s just allow terrifying creatures that dwell in the vast, dark ocean to stay down there. That’s just common sense–but instead, we have Florida fishermen going on midnight expeditions and pulling out a Sawfish that looks positively prehistoric.

It hasn’t even been a month since we had to deal with the terrifying sight of a Goblin Shark. Now we have to worry about a Sawfish, courtesy of  fisherman Dustin Richter. He even tugged for about two hours with his friends to catch this ferocious thing.

And why did it take that long? Because it’s 500 pounds and 11 feet long with a bunch of razor-sharp edged teeth that are mounted like a saw. Thankfully, Richter and his homies threw the prehistoric monster back in the ocean where it belongs. But now we can’t go on a vacation down to Florida without knowing that a Sawfish–maybe this specific Sawfish–is swimming around and waiting to attack!

The thing still looks pretty cool, though, so check out this video…

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