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Pamela Anderson hosts World Music Awards, But You Won’t SEE HER TONIGHT


See Her Tonight

Pamela Anderson hosts the World Music Awards

(8:00 PM EST,NBC)

Did you know that Pamela Anderson was hosting the World Music Awards last night in Monaco? Neither did the See Her Tonight column–and, to be fair, neither did Pamela Anderson. She attended the event as a guest, and was then yanked off the red carpet and offered the job after Sharon Stone disappeared. It’s a good thing that Pamela was in good shape last night. She probably just figured that she’d get a few free drinks, and suddenly Pamela is getting a paycheck and a really high-profile gig.

That was supposed to include the World Music Awards being broadcast on NBC tonight. Instead, the network has very abruptly announced that they’re replacing the planned broadcast with repeats of Last Comic Standing. It probably has something to do with Mariah Carey, who almost screwed up the evening as much as Sharon Stone. Mariah is planning a big push for her new album, and that included a lot of prep that delayed the awards ceremony for five hours. We’re thinking that screwed up NBC’s schedule for being able to turn the show around for broadcast.

Also, we’re thinking that might be why Sharon Stone disappeared. Maybe she realized that Mariah’s five-hour delay was going to cost her the national television exposure. We’re disappointed, too. The World Music Awards aren’t “world music” in the sense of what they’re playing in the Ethiopian restaurants that we sometimes have to go to where there aren’t even seats. These World Music Awards are just for traditional pop stars all over the world.

That includes Miley Cyrus, but she dressed kind of demurely last night. You should check out Nina Dobrev’s sexy outfit, though. And since we’re missing out on Pamela in our living rooms, enjoy these plentiful pics. They’re better than Last Comic Standing

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