Nina Dobrev's Sideboob Won The World Music Awards [22 PICS]

Nina Dobrev attended the 2014 World Music Awards in Monaco last night. Hey, did you know the World Music Awards are going to be on television tonight? Yeah, neither did we–but we’ll have more to say about that later. The important thing right now is that the musicians (including Miley Cyrus) mostly dressed up all sophisticated. [photo via…]
Fortunately, nobody told the Vampire Diaries star about the dress code, so Nina Dobrev showed up with her sideboob blazing. It looked like this…

And that’s how you steal the red carpet, folks. Nina’s an old hand at sideboob, though. Remember when she showed up at a Vampire Diaries panel in a really revealing outfit? Well, take a look. And if that gets you too excited, then take a look at Nina planting her foot in Conan O’Brien’s crotch while showing off her yoga moves. Yeah, that’s less sexy.
Well, we can’t leave you with that, so here’s more of Nina vamping in more hot outfits and a few bikinis. This should be enough to get you excited about the World Music Awards–but, as noted, we have more exciting news about that coming up later…

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